Christmas is Coming…

Triumphantly sipping something that tastes very like mulled wine (despite being in America), sitting by the roaring fire and the smells of a roast are wafting in from the kitchen. The tree is nestled in the corner. Quite at home because it has been there for nearly a month already, and we even opened some presents with family via Facetime today.

Photo taken in mid-November as we got ahead of the Christmas game!

Christmas is coming.

It almost feels like it might be done by bedtime this evening in our house. But the advent calendars are not complete, December is barely halfway through and thankfully we’re not there yet, despite the smells, decor and wrapping paper trailing out of the bin.

My first Christmas hit came early this year, as I had the privilege of speaking at a church in England’s women’s Christmas event. It was pre-recorded, and so I stood in an empty room with Rufus and a friend for an audience and spoke of the glorious heavenly hope that Jesus journeyed from heaven to our world to hold out. It had to be in the bag by mid-November, and so I had been mulling and writing and enjoying the Christmas tingle from at least the end of October. You can find the talk here if you’re interested in getting a little of that tingle and hope!

Christmas is coming.

In these strange times, plans can go awry, restrictions swing in and out of tiers and degrees of caution and concern shift with each news cycle. It is a pleasing, wonderful certainty that Christmas is not only coming, but that Christ has already come. As we remember that baby born into a stable, so we think of his death on a cross and praise God for his resurrection that followed which guarantees us life along with Jesus.

Christmas is coming.

Whatever our circumstances, whoever makes it into our bubble over this festive season, whichever foods get cooked…God is with us, and I’m praying that my joy and contentment would be anchored in Emmanuel all the more this year.

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