Hints of Home


This makes my heart happy.

Kind neighbours have leant us a table and chairs, and so we move from perching on, or standing by, the sideboard to sitting around a table. We’re yet to have a meal there, but I’m loving that the space has gone from empty racetrack for children on sit-ons to a place where we can all sit down and have food together. And even have people over to eat with us.

We’re thankful for kind people, and a home.

On a different note, we saw this today at the local Labor Day Parade…

4qppqzs6rej9dxu1v912q.jpg fullsizeoutput_1990 js3ez65etoyx7tbqt5eyyg.jpg

…and felt far from home, but enjoyed rejoicing Americans alongside cheer-leading, band-standing and raucous motoring noisiness.

A mixture of feeling like we’re gradually making our home here, while also very much in a different country and culture. But enjoying the melee of the two!

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