Freedom On The Other Side

Three solo drives down (with my two little passengers) and I’m beginning to get this driving on the other side. It has its quirks – taking it in turns at a 4-way junction and turning right on a red light – but it’s relatively straightforward. And literally straight – the roads are generally long and straight.

Everyone is enjoying having a set of wheels

Driving makes me feel like I’m living here rather than holidaying here.

We walked into the local library today during an enthusiastic, mic-ed up song time for pre-schoolers ( a little different to Leyland library!). Glancing around at the crowd of mums and dancing toddlers, I thought we should come back next week, ready to chat. Up for meeting our fellow Naperville residents. This time, I had the constant tug of Rufus’ hand, keen to get going on his newly arrived bike.

A neighbourly gathering filled our evening yesterday. Having been invited to the house two doors away, we ate deliciously American cookies and fruit flan and met another 5-6 houses worth of people. Definitely becoming Fairmeadow Lane dwellers.

Visa uncertainties unsettle this ‘living’ feeling. That tension between ‘living’ and ‘maybe leaving’ is always there. Maybe it’s not a bad thing. It’s teaching us to have a light hold on things here – spending money on stuff seems foolish, and we’ve always got an eye on what the future might look like.

A good lesson for us ‘whose citizenship is in heaven’, as Paul writes in Philippians 3v20. A light hold on now, as we won’t always be here, and a gaze fixed on future things.

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