Muddling and Modelling


Gathered together.

Distanced but juxtaposed.

Masked but talking, relating, laughing.

Milling and browsing and meandering.

Tasting elusive normality amidst the rubbing restrictions.

An unusual scene for our current climate, but that’s what we were part of this last week. We’ve just come back from a week in Indianapolis serving the TGC conference with a big bookstore. When I say serving the conference, that was Jonathan. I was serving two little boys who scooted the week around the convention centre, helping Daddy, and enjoying a change of scene. They, I think, served the delegates by bringing smiles to faces as they whizzed past them, calling out to each other and greeting people along the way.

It’s a costly thing in many ways to go as a whole family to something like that. We’ve done it many times before, although it’s been at least a year since the last such event because of Covid. There are all the complications of being in a different place and on a different timetable with small children. There’s likelihood that Daddy isn’t very available for anything other than snatched meals together, late night wind-downs and a quick early morning hello. There’s the challenge of entertaining little boys at a conference that is designed for adults (turns out there are empty rooms in a convention centre that are perfect for indoor football!).

But as we muddle along, feeling the strain as well as experiencing the joys, we’re praying that in the muddling there is some modelling. Having us there enables Jonathan to do his job better, I think. We’re sharing in the ministry to which God has called us as a family, and so it’s a privilege to be in it together. We all feel the buzz, love to see good books go out to many people and enjoy the fruition of lots of hard work. But more than that, we get the privilege of serving together. And the boys get to see how their Daddy serves others. They understand more of why he is away from home more than most. They begin to want Jesus-pointing books to go out in big numbers.

And we’re praying that they would want to know, love and serve our loving, kind and gracious God for themselves. Muddling and modelling, and praying for fruit that goes beyond a crazy week in Indiana.

(Check out some more muddling and modelling of a different sort on the podcast, Two Sisters And A Cup Of Tea, my sister and I host that chats through the Bible over a cup of tea – new season just started in James)

2 thoughts on “Muddling and Modelling

  1. Thank you Felicity and boys! Love 10ofthose resources and people and support in getting GOOD Christian books. Thank you for your service in the family ministry. Every blessing!


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