The Great Melt

Everywhere we go, there’s the sound of running water. No visible streams, rivers or waterfalls. And yet the constant sound of water.

The sun is out, and the snow is melting.

The temperatures have risen from a regular -11 to 1 or 2 degrees celsius, and the appearance of the sun brings joy. Having been sheltering inside, only venturing out decked in layers and snow-suitable garb, it brings a lightness to life to be soaking up the sunshine. Even if we are still in snow-boots and ski gloves.

With melting snow and rising temperatures comes a simultaneous thaw in relationships. Covid isolation intensified through the need to be inside is gradually giving way to park meet-ups, side-by-side walks and cups of tea in a snowy back garden.

There’s an awkwardness to trudging through slushy melting snow, and every chance that a child will stumble and end up puddle-dunked. Similarly, there can be a slight sense of social awkwardness felt as we reconnect, catch up on winter lives and navigate different attitudes and approaches to pandemic life.

But despite the stumbles and the rustiness of friendship, it’s a joy to be with others in wintry sun. Life-giving. It seems to be more what we’re made for in comparison to disconnected indoors isolation. I’m grateful for it!

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