Wording Together

Each Tuesday evening, I have the privilege and joy of teaching our church women’s Bible study. We’ve been digging into Mark’s gospel together since September, and it is the most precious time as we gather – both on zoom and in the room – around God’s Word.

Alongside teaching this wonderful crowd of women, I’ve been ploughing as much energy as I can into investing in those amongst them who might just be able to open up the Bible with someone else, or lead a Bible study or even, one day, teach from the front.

Eager to be a giving river than a knowledgeable, but static, pond, I’m always looking to pass on the skills that I’ve been so thankful to receive from others. Sometimes it means nudging discussion leaders as a group into an understanding of why I’ve written those questions; sometimes it’s a 1-1 opportunity to read a part of the Bible together; other times it’s an admin email that sneaks in a little Bible-reading tip. And there’s a whole lot of prayer, as I let my eyes and thoughts roam the room or the zoom and ask that the Lord might raise up godly women who are able to open up His word for others.

Last week brought a joyful hour with three of these lovely ladies (not that they would likely describe themselves as I have above). Having spent an hour the week before digging into an upcoming passage in Mark, and talking through how to understand it for ourselves, we spent this hour taking it from understanding to teaching.

We debated what our aim sentence should be, nit-picked over nuances and wrote some Bible study questions that will, no doubt, bring about fruitful discussion at this week’s Bible study. I’m unashamedly geeky about the brilliance of a well-worked Bible study, and the beauty of a sparsely questioned, but refined route-map, through a passage. And I loved doing it with these humble, hungry and eager-to-learn sisters in Christ.

I’ve been smiling every time I think about it. Along with various other ‘wording together’ encouragements, I’m reminded that God really does work through His word and, by His Spirit, is building up His church – even before my eyes amongst this heart-warming, joy-bringing crowd of women.

P.s. Check out the new podcast my sister, Sarah, and I have started (Word Fuelled Hearts) that offers more ‘wording together’ as we chat through Habakkuk over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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