Racing and Resting

Having raced into the week that has just gone, I’m sitting here on the Sunday afterwards and contemplating rest.

Rest. I’ve been pondering it for a few weeks, knowing that I have a tendency to say yes to a lot, enjoy juggling much and need to avoid collapsing with exhaustion as I possibly try and fit too much into the margins around bringing up our two energetic little boys.

I’ve been thinking through ‘Sabbath-ing’ for a while, knowing that, by nature, I don’t rest very easily. I’m more likely to go for a run than sit, get a job done rather than simply slow down, or even write a blog post when I could be resting!

I’ve been challenged this week to think more on it as I digested my sister’s recent excellent blog post on ‘pocket rest’. My priority, and privilege, is to be present for my children – to love the gift of time with them during these little years, and so I don’t want other pursuits and commitments to interfere or distraction.

But there are margins within these days. And there are other things that I love to do, and to which I feel called to commit. Leading our church women’s bible study and investing in the women; joyously hosting a bible/tea/biscuit chat podcast with my sister; writing here and there, mostly as a means of processing. My margins are full – early mornings spent digging into the bible, nap times filled with admin and jobs, and moments here and there dabbling with demands.

I’m sure many are reading this and thinking I am mad! Why fill life so full?!

But I think the fullness is more possible than it looks if I ‘sabbath’ well…it will mean ‘pocket rest’ moments as my sister describes, but also Sundays that look different. Jobs waiting until Monday, social media off limits, even bible study prep being saved for the next day…and time given over to rest. I’m still working out what that ‘rest’ looks like, maybe a mishmash of family – both blood and church, time to reflect on my bible digging from the week, sofa-sitting with a book or a film, or maybe both.

Whatever it looks like, I’m convinced that if I don’t ‘sabbath’, I’m thinking I can do life – in all it’s fullness’ – on my own; and if I do, I’m depending on my gracious, life-giving God to sustain me and I’ll always fall back on Him, rather than me. I’m praying that I would have a bigger view of God, a smaller view of me and so be all the more persuaded to sabbath regularly and so keep going by God’s grace.

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