Buzzing about Book-Selling

‘There’s no time, Mummy, me and Daddy and Billy have got work to do in the garage. We’re selling books the day after this day. We’re very busy’, shouts Rufus, as he shoves his feet into his wellies and runs through the kitchen.

‘Me too’, says Billy, which is the echo that can be heard after most of what Rufus says.

Getting ready with Daddy

We held a Christmas book sale in our front yard and garage this weekend, and there has been much anticipation all week. Working with Daddy, getting some customers and selling some books, all while eating brownies. 10ofThose’s next generation are on track for catching the book-selling bug, and buzzing off people getting hold of good books.

The best moment was hearing Rufus say to his little friend from down the road that all of these books are about Jesus, and so he really needs to buy some. Somehow the buying bit got lost in translation, and our first ‘customer’ had to be asked to get his mummy before he ran off with the pile of books pushed on him by our enthusiastic salesman.

Clearly, the boys have been missing our book-selling adventures, maybe almost as much as their Daddy. And I get it. There’s something wonderful about watching an actual person walk away with a physical book that is going to help them know Jesus better. All the more so when we’ve been starved of in-person interaction, and get to enjoy good conversation while book-browsing is happening. It was a total delight to see familiar, albeit masked, faces throughout the weekend.

What a blessing that, so far, the boys are excited to be involved in this all-consuming, ‘move abroad for it’ ministry that we believe we’ve been called to do by God. We’re praying that their love for selling books about Jesus would be an overflow of their bigger, more consuming, more life-giving love for Jesus himself.

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