Simplicity, Smiles and Contentment

Half an hour later, and both boys are still shouting with glee as they repeatedly throw their paper aeroplanes from one end of the room to the other. Flights are accompanied by height-enhancing sofa leaps, as well as sideways glances to check the other plane’s progress. More often than not, Billy more closely resembles a concertina-ed piece of paper, but he still enthusiastically launches with grand hopes.

Simple fun. Solid smiles. And surprisingly lengthy entertainment.

Another frequent, apparatus-free form of fun is wrestling. Having previously happened seemingly by accident, as they fall on top of each other, it’s now an articulated activity. I’m told, with big smiles, that it’s ‘wrestling time’ and I don’t need to worry. But I do a little as I hear one land on top of the other with a thump.

If ever there was a time for simple pleasures, it must be now. And I’m thankful for the reminder this week, as I’ve watched the boys play, that we don’t need grand adventures or extravagant toys to have fun. It turns out that a ‘venture’ for Billy can be as low-key as a trip to Aldi and Rufus is thrilled if he gets to ride his bike while wearing his soccer boots.

They’re not always so content. This is a snapshot of moments, rather than whole days, but its an encouragement for me as I look ahead at a potentially more home-bound time.

As I reflect on their contentment, I’m challenged myself as to what I think I need to be content. Maybe I should pick up a book more often than I sift through endless social media posts, drag everyone out for a walk rather than wait for that kid-free moment to go for a run and maybe even rest in what I have in front of me, rather than worrying about how restrictions reduce people possibilities and meet-ups.

Most of all, I’m challenged to come back to the life-giving basics of the Bible and get my head into that book above all else so that I encounter the person of Christ before other people, and so rest in him.

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