Catching Momentary Leaves

‘Fall’ is here.

Autumnal colours cascade from trees that line the neighbourhood roads. And the coppices, nestling on the edges of parks, seem to expand as their golden-hued leaves fling themselves across the grass with every gust of wind. Easy persuasion into morning excursions is wonderfully achieved through the challenge of catching leaves.

As for everyone I’m sure, it’s hard not to see beyond the fluttering colours to the imminent bare branches of winter. Uncertainties flicker in and out of view as the pandemic rolls on and our current outside freedoms feel momentary.

But we are here now. In the moment that God has given us, with opportunities and possibilities. Investing in today, but with the certainty that God wastes nothing and that eternal fruit can be born out of that which seems small and even transient.

The snatched chats at the park while pushing insistent three year olds on the swing; small group in the backyard gathered around a fire; discussions around the Word at bible study and the conversations as we mill our way back to the car park; debriefs with friends on the edge of the soccer pitch as we watch four years cluster around the ball; and greetings over the fence with neighbours.

I’m thankful for Covid’s prompt to look for God-given opportunities, and challenged that it’s not just a mindset for now but for any circumstances. Wherever we are, and for whatever length of time, God has graciously prepared the ‘good works that we are to walk in’, as Paul tells us in Ephesians. And so I’m encouraged to grab the moment – however small and ordinary – and be a part of the glorious, mind-blowingly big stuff God is doing in and through His people in this world, and through into eternity.

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