Holding Out and Listening Up

‘Can I work with you this morning, Daddy?’ calls Rufus, through the bathroom door. ‘We can put books in boxes with stickers, and give them to people.’

There weren’t any boxes or stickers, but there were books and a hopeful expectancy of customers as the boys set up shop on our driveway. Deftly moved from working ‘with’ to being like Daddy, merchandise was gathered from the garage, toast and hot chocolate was requested to keep the sellers going and, thankfully, friends were coming to play and so some books were ‘sold’.

I love the extent to which Rufus has grasped Jonathan’s job, and the ministry of 10ofThose. He’s always wanting to give books to people, and he’s keen for those books to be about Jesus.

While our four year old (with his ever willing assistant) eagerly waits for people to come and buy his Jesus-pointing books, I reflected on a rich and meaningful conversation that was had around a fire pit in our backyard last night. Pervaded, in many ways, by the same desire to point people to Jesus.

Every Wednesday evening, our church small group meet together to discuss and consider the Bible passage that was preached the Sunday before. It’s an opportunity to dig into the text, reflect on personal implications and pray for one another as we share life. It’s a privilege. Currently, we’re in person and praying that the weather holds as long as possible before we revert to zoom.

Our leader’s question last night was in response to Hebrews 11, and asked what contributes to those moments when we’re tempted to feel hopeless – to begin to lose sight of the hope we have in Christ. He asked the question, but then instructed us to listen to people’s responses and seek to hold out Jesus to them. To speak truth, and remind them of ‘hope’ anchored in the Word; to show them Jesus. We know each other well, having been meeting together for over a year, but it still felt vulnerable and exposing. But as we opened up, we allowed Jesus – through the insightful voices of others – to press in. And so we left edified, and thankful.

I’ve been praying today that I would cling to the truths that were spoken to me, but also that I would always be eager to show others Jesus. And I pray that would be true for my children, whether through conversation or pressing books into people’s hands.

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