The ‘To’ And ‘Fro’

‘99911 emergency!’, shouts Rufus as he races down the road dressed as a fire fighter. Billy follows, superhero cape and mask in place, of course.

Role-playing rescues, and expressing the cultural meshing that is gradually taking place in our house. Jumpers are sometimes referred to as sweaters, Sunday breakfast is often pancakes and we head to the grocery store rather than the supermarket. And Billy spent most of Sunday dressed as Captain America.

And yet, we gather for ‘tea’ as our evening meal, have marmite sandwiches at a picnic and talk about getting our ‘ducks in a row’ and ‘keen beans’. Sometimes I think we throw in English idioms to remind ourselves, as much as the other person, of our roots.

The to-ing and fro-ing of our language and habits is a healthy sign, no doubt, of us being settled and accommodating the world around us, while also keeping hold of our cultural identity.

As Covid has changed the landscape of business and ministry over the last six months, Jonathan has had to be on the front foot, shifting, adapting and making decisions according to the current climate. The uncertainties of it all make it an unending game, and it sometimes feels like he’s in one of those record-breaking Wimbledon tennis matches where there’s no tie-break in the last set and so no definite end point. As a fledgling company over here, it felt like the hit at the start of it all was huge. We wondered if we would still be standing at the end. But as time as gone on, the start-up nature of 10ofThoseUSA has given us the advantage of being less established and so less stuck in particular ways. In some ways, our direction and method were up for grabs, and Covid has nudged us one way rather than another.

We’re thankful to the Lord for His provision over these months. And I’m thankful for Jonathan, and the way in which he continues to handle, by God’s grace, stressful, unnerving and high pressure times. Chopping and changing with language is nothing in comparison to dealing with UK Covid-coloured business for half the day before switching to US challenges as the working day ends over there.

Amidst it all, the cuppas keep flowing, we’re still looking for the perfect state-side biscuit to go with it…and there’s always time for a ‘little tickle’ with Daddy before the next ‘99911’ emergency calls.

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