Glimpsing Glory

The kettle quietly bubbles, the tea bag is steeped and I ease my chair out to sit down without disturbing any of my sleeping family. Miraculously, my strategic, noise-avoiding leaps down the creaking corridor seem to have worked and everyone is still slumbering.

Precious time.

Bible open in front of me, and pen in hand, I dig into Mark’s gospel. His eyewitness account has been food for the last few weeks as I’ve been preparing to teach it to the women at church. Tempted to skim through, ticking the box of being able to explain it to someone else, I’ve been making myself slow down and dwell on Jesus – God’s king, as Mark so clearly shows us. Nabbing a brilliant ‘mulling’ question from a friend, I’ve been asking myself every time what I’m enjoying about Jesus in this passage.

I love the way Mark packs punch after punch in his narrative that’s peppered with the adverb ‘immediately’. There’s no hanging around as King Jesus arrives on the scene, after centuries of waiting. Before the end of the first chapter, we’ve heard authoritative voices confirm His kingship and then we’re taken on an Instagram-like tour of His kingdom. Our authoritative, powerful and glorious king is compelling, and with every glimpse we’re given, we long to be part of this kingdom that is without sickness and evil spirits, and in which sins are forgiven.

As I dwell on these verses, my fingers sometimes stray to my phone and I’m tempted to glance at social media to see what’s been happening while I’ve been asleep. But I stop myself, this time, as I’m struck by the reality that there’s nothing better to look at, to long for, to enjoy than Jesus and his glorious kingdom. The scrolling should stop with Him.

(And then breakfast is required!)

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