Boys and Birthdays

‘Mummy, can I just check what the plan should be…presents first and then cake or cake first and then presents?’ whispered Rufus, hovering outside our bedroom door at 6.30am this morning.

Wonderfully, his concern is not for his birthday but Billy’s. Billy turned three today, and Rufus – with clear memories of his own celebrations in January – is excited, and eager for the ‘busy day’ ahead. It was the sweetest morning with brotherly helpfulness in opening presents, and then a (mainly) joyous time of playing with newly acquired rescue vehicles and superhero possibilities.

Capes and masks were then donned, friends welcomed, bacon and eggs eaten and church watched before careering superheroes raced around the garden and nibbled on cake in the makeshift tent. Happy times peopled by those who have filled our lives over these Covid-shaped months.

And amidst it all, brothers. Brothers who are friends. Brothers who find each other funny (most of the time). Brothers who urge each other on, daring each other to go faster, be naughtier, get bigger. Brothers who we pray will point each other to the God who loves them even more than we do.

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