Big Prayers, Small Wins

It’s a week of big prayers.

A high pressure week over here in the States with a big online bookstore for a conference in full flow, meaning Jonathan is down in Louisville for a few days.

A solo week of longer days for me in an Illinois that is flitting between snow and sun, meaning the boys are resolutely in shorts while we walk past people in wooly hats and gloves.

A week of honesty, humility and hope for the ministry in the UK; and of being overwhelmed by peoples’ kind and generous support.

I’ve been thankful for reading and studying the book Isaiah at the moment, and for being shown again our powerful, creator God who loves His rebellious people. I’m praising that God that we can pray, and be heard, and know that He is more than able to do all that is needed. And whatever He does choose to do is for our best – better than we can possibly imagine, whatever it might look like from a human-eye view.

So it’s a week of praying big to our big God.

Amidst the pressures, the lockdown and the gradual pervading sense of stir craziness, I’m celebrating the small wins and praising God for answering those little ‘before the day begins’ prayers as much as the bigger petitions. I’m thankful that, by His grace, the boys and I haven’t fallen out too much so far, there have been moments of joyful fun, we ate some vegetables as well as cake and the house is slightly frayed rather than bomb site untidy.

All of this off the back of a different, quieter Easter – still chocolate heavy and wonderfully resurrection full. Isaiah’s declarations are all the more powerful and resonant from this side of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Our servant king who would die so that we might have life, and know God for ourselves. Big wins.

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