Superheroes and Survival

Our day started like this…


…and superhero training turned out to be very much needed by the end of the day, not just for the two little men in capes. Thankfully, we completed our belated Joe Wicks PE lesson without yesterday’s complication of a head-shaped dent in the wall, and enjoyed bouncing, chasing and lunging while making appropriate ‘superhero chasing villains’ sound effects.

Having naively encouraged cape wearing as a means of getting the boys involved in running around, I was slightly floored by Rufus’ request for our next superhero activity once all the running was over. Thankfully, a kind neighbour was able to provide a variety of superhero figures that fuelled play for most of the morning. We were even able to video call a friend down the road who has expert knowledge of powers, enemies and names and so the games were almost accurate – apart from Billy’s repeated insistence that whatever name was exclaimed was irrelevant, and this is a ‘duperhero’.

Meandering around a duck pond, clutching their favoured hero; chaotically creating biscuits that were vaguely themed that way; and catching marauding villains all the way through nap time meant that our day was pleasingly full and this quarantined existence was do-able.

The reality is that alongside the make-believe heroics and chaotic play, it was beginning to feel like superhero powers would be needed to yank 10ofThose USA back from the brink of being swallowed up by all the domino-like effects of this Coronavirus nightmare. With every event having been cancelled, our main means of getting books out over here has been taken away and so there is a huge amount of prayer, hard work and creative thinking going into trying to compensate for such big losses. There are some possibilities, and we pray that God would be powerfully at work to protect and sustain our ministry over here, but it feels like a rollercoaster that is pulling us up and dropping us down in a different way every few hours.

Jonathan jumps from one video call to another down in the basement, with occasional debriefs of where things are at while the kettle boils, and I absorb myself in the boys with one ear to ground, and my heart riding the ups and downs of the downstairs action.

The intensity of it all is increased by the lack of interaction with people outside of the house, and the limited options for getting out. I’m sure we’re all feeling that same slight sense of claustrophobia as we learn how to live within various restrictions.

The day culminated in mud-pie making for some, while others loaded bookshelves into the van…and Jonathan drove to Louisville (location of the 10ofThose warehouse) to work hard at getting things done, being with the team and continuing to battle on amidst such challenging times.

He’s gone until Saturday, so while I think he’s a superhero for shouldering and dealing with huge responsibilities at this time, I’m fairly sure I fit into that heroic bracket as well for being a literal solo parent in these times of isolation!

Thankfully, we’re not dependent on our own heroics but on God’s grace through our ‘supersaviour’ (Rufus’ favourite song), Jesus. I’m praying that Jonathan would be running to, and trusting Him, rather than himself at these times. And I know that I can only do these coming days through His strength rather than my own.


6 thoughts on “Superheroes and Survival

  1. Well done, mum! And yes let’s keep depending on Jesus’ super strength and provision each day, not our own. We’ve been starting each day with super saviour ☺️ You might have these but we’ve got some ninjabread cookie cutters which are really fun! I’m sure we got them online. We like to listen to “ninja” by Slugs and Bugs whilst baking and decorating those! (You’ve inspired me to get them out!)


  2. Praying for you all – especially at this time of isolation. Thank you for your vision and commitment to equip the church with resources that point us to our Saviour and help us live this messy life for his glory. We think you’re heroes too! Will especially pray that you will keep growing in, and relying on, God’s inexhaustible supply of grace while Jonathan is away.


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