Space, sometimes.

6.14am and, strangely for some, I was glad to be awake so that I had a little time before the boys woke up. ‘Is it breakfast time yet?’ has been heard at crazy times of the night over the last few weeks, and I was hopeful that this was a post-7am start of the day.

Hoody on, bible in hand, sitting up in bed..on second thoughts, a quick nip to the bathroom, trying to avoid the creaks and squeaks of the route there…and back to bed…and there’s a little man lying in my spot, grinning at me and whispering ‘hello Mummy’.

The moment has been lost. Jonathan is away at the moment, so there’s not even the argument of us lacking space for him to snuggle in next to me.

I’m quietly explaining that I’m just going to read my Bible for a bit, so he needs to lie still, when I hear a thud and little footsteps emerging from the next room. A second little man appears, to great choruses from the first of ‘I’m in Mummy’s bed’…and suddenly I have two little people in my space, vying for the top spot of being next to me. And when I say next to, I mean on me.


I valiantly keep my Bible open and attempt to read it, but it’s not long before it’s ‘Choo Choo Chugga Chugga’ that’s the reading matter, rather than Isaiah.

I’m smiling as I remember the early morning interruption, and I’m definitely not complaining about the presence of two snuggly little people, who I love more than life itself, wanting to get into my bed for stories.

But the cuddles and close quarters reading did take up some space in my morning for which I had other plans.

Space that, at the moment, feels precious.

Ironically, thanks to a very kind friend, I’ve had opportunity for plentiful space this morning as I left the boys with her and went for a run. A run that ended up giving me too much space as I lost my bearings, and found myself wondering how much more of this endless path there was until I found the car again.

Such a gift to have time and space to get lost amidst the Autumnal trees of a local forest preserve.

While I treasure moments of breathing space like this, I love that my life is full. I’m excited for Jonathan to get back from his travels – that space is always ready to be filled – and I’m praying that I’d be in the moments of these days, thankful for what is happening rather than what has been interrupted.




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