Hesitantly and temporarily sitting in someone else’s space. Almost relaxing, but slightly on edge. Nearly at home, but not quite.

Perched – albeit in very welcoming spaces – for seven months now. And I think we are tired. Ready to rest, and settle in, without feeling like it’s a snatched moment in a place that isn’t our own.

We’re so grateful for the ways in which people have opened up their houses to us, and allowed us to populate their space, and fill their shelves with our things. But it’s hard to stop, and be, and fully kick back when we’re constantly in the realm of ‘not ours’.

More privileged than so many in the world, we’re thankful that we know a place of our own is in sight.

While perching describes a physical repose, I think it has snuck into our relational and spiritual realties. Perched for a moment, we’ve paused before investing time and energy into the people around us. Knowing we aren’t around for long, we’ve slightly hovered on the edge of church family, unable to fully engage with all that’s going on.

Wonderfully, we’ve been pulled in every now and then, and settled through family and old friends, as well as new people persevering despite our temporary situation. We’re very grateful for tethers – old and new.

Amidst all this perching, we’ve come to know more and more the God on whom we lean, the one who ultimately carries us into true and lasting rest. While we’re tired from this rollercoaster of a season, we rest on Him with huge relief.

Cars, car seats and (thankfully) these smiles are a constant in our changing circumstances! 

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