‘Jobs please, Daddy’

Last week was spent in sometimes sunny Prestatyn, North Wales. We were there selling books at a big Christian conference, and it was fun, full on and filled with people. Highlights ranged from the children enjoying creche (so I heard some talks) to sunny beaching to time with friends to thousands of books going out.

But if you asked Rufus what he loved, one of his surprise highlights is that he got to do ‘jobs’ with Daddy in the bookshop. In fact, the real highpoint of such ‘jobbing’ came before the conference even started, as the bookshop was being put together. While Daddy gets the buzz from selling the books, these boys feel the joy before a single transaction is completed.

Vans being unloaded, crates of books being unpacked, shelving being built, boxes to be flattened…and familiar faces, who are amazingly patient with these little helpers. Especially when they’re following you around asking for the next job before they’ve managed to begin the last one.

I’m more than happy to have bookshop building be the entertainment for a few hours, but I think there’s more value in it than just having fun. I love that the boys are being encouraged to help; that they’re seeing that hard work goes into producing a result; that they’re ‘working’ with lots of different people; that they see what Daddy’s work is, and so that we’re behind the book action as a family.

While they’re being trained in the art of book-shelf filling and crate-moving, they’re also beginning to learn what it is to serve.

And having a lot of fun causing chaos at Daddy’s work!

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