Suddenly Imminent

Suddenly a visa interview is in the diary. By the end of next week, Jonathan will have been grilled by an immigration officer at the U.S. Embassy, and we will know either way.

Just a little longer of ‘the wait’, and suddenly we’ll have some sort of certainty. We hope. Tentatively hoping, as we’ve definitely learnt that goalposts and hoops can easily move, expand and be whipped away in this whole process.

Within seconds of seeing the email, I could feel my heart rate increase and my emotions ratchet up. It feels like we’re doing that slow rollercoaster car climb to the peak before the inevitable plummet down.


Maybe the plummet won’t happen. Maybe we’re on the up. We’re praying and hoping and longing that that’s the case.

But, as I feel levels of intensity rise, I remind myself that while this is big, it’s not defining. It’s not the endgame. It’s not the thing that determines everything else. It might be the decider for where we live next, but not forever. On one level, my heart feels like it’s in the hands of this decision, but objectively, truly, certainly I know that it’s not. My forever is secure. My future is certain. My paths are in God’s hands, and nothing can change that.

While the experience can feel like a rollercoaster, the reality is that we’re on solid ground as we trust in Jesus’ death on that cross, and know the certain hope of the resurrection. Thankfully, the season, the celebration, the time of year serves to remind us of that wonderful Easter truth. Praying that the next few days would be marked by trusting Him over and above anything else.


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