Hesitantly Settled

We’ve done it again…packed our bags, borrowed a big car, and moved. Just over the hill this time, nestled in the shadow of the Yorkshire moors rather than the tall buildings of Leeds city centre. And it’s brilliant.

We did arrive in that unseasonable sunshine of a couple of weeks ago, and Ilkley seemed idyllic as we marvelled at the vistas and basked in the heat what was reminiscent of our recent holiday.

Again, thanks to the kindness of friends, we have a house to live in. And we are becoming adept at swift home-making. The key, we’ve discovered, is to unpack quickly, hide the suitcases if possible and get familiar food in the cupboards. If at all possible, then people the place with some familiar faces. Good friends live down the road, and so that’s all helped with the boys seeming to have settled quickly.

On the other hand, as is always the case with this ongoing transitioning limbo, the question of how settled to get hovers in the background. While the visa decision is pending, there’s nothing to be done but live each day as it comes because no long term, or even medium term, decisions can be made. There’s a level of frustration that comes with this, as we vaguely anticipate various different outcomes. But, helped by having little people for whom daily routines and realities carry on, we are where we are for the moment.

And we’re so thankful for this home at this moment for however long it may be.

Hints of anxiety surface as I think about the possibility of returning to America – the longer we’re over here, the stranger it feels to think of our home over there. But those same flutters of worry are felt when I consider staying in England, and what that means from various perspectives.

Caught in limbo. Enjoying the here and now, with the many blessings of being within reach of family, friends and familiar life, while anticipating imminent change again.

Thank God that He knows us, loves us and has prepared our paths. Thank God that we can trust Him, even when anxieties and worries bubble to the surface.

Now back to Ilkley life (and various hectic road trips all over the country to make the most of being near-ish beloved people!).

Billy just started walking, and appropriately likes to have his rucksack on whenever possible…ready to go! 




One thought on “Hesitantly Settled

  1. Wow! What a journey you and your family are on! I’m sure some day you’ll look back and marvel at God’s leading. We’re continuing to lift your family up in prayer .
    Keep us updated on your visa fiasco!!!

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