‘Read It Again, Mummy’

We love stories.

Billy loves to carry the books around, and gets a little upset if you try to turn a page…while Rufus loves to grab his ‘Zebbie’, sit on a lap and enjoy escaping into a different world.

We’re currently enjoying the Boot family’s adventures in the Usborne classics, ‘The Friend Who Forgives’ about Peter and Jesus, and various vehicle themed books.

Frequently, we’ll get to the end of a book and Rufus will quickly say ‘read it again, Mummy’. He loves the familiarity of a story he already knows.

I wonder if he enjoys knowing what’s going to happen because he’s picked up on our vibes of not knowing what’s going to happen. While plans have been made, at least for the next few months, we don’t really have many certainties at the moment. And this little man doesn’t miss much, whether it’s hearing what we’re saying or asking what we’re doing.

Jonathan and I have been enjoying reading ‘Between the Lines’ by Glen Scrivener in the mornings. It’s been brilliant at reminding us of the Bible’s familiar, true story in which the outcome isn’t unknown. Glen starts with Genesis, and walks the reader through the narrative, helping us to see that Jesus wasn’t a surprise, he wasn’t a gamble, he wasn’t a ‘maybe’ – he was a sure thing guaranteeing a wonderful ending.

I can see why Rufus loves to hear his stories again and again. And I can see why I need to keep reading my Bible to hear that brilliant story again and again, when it can so easily get muffled out by the noisy, anxious-making unknowns of our current situation.

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