Limbo-ing with People

People, chocolate and baked beans. Three great things about being back in England. By far and away the best, though, is people.

We worked hard at sustaining relationships through technology while we were away, but it’s so much better to be revisiting those relationships in person, in time, in everyday life. Sharing meals, chatting from one sofa to another, popping in for a brew, enjoying being able to pick up the phone without having to think about a time difference.

Amidst the challenges of being in limbo, we’ve been so grateful for unchanging friendly faces who were there before all of this, are here now and we pray will be there for a long time after. It’s those familiar faces that have made the transition for the boys relatively easy.

      “RUFUS! I need to show you my room! Come on, Rufus!” shouted one of Rufus’ favourite little people as we got out of the car at his house.

A wonderful moment of immediate welcome and excitement that made it feel like we’d been there just last week. And it’s happened again and again, as we go from one house to another, with various favourite people along the way. Most noticeably, it makes going ‘home’ to someone else’s house an exciting prospect when Rufus knows he’s going to see those much adored faces.

It’s reminded me of the huge value of investing in people – of putting relationships above so many other things. It’s made me thankful for the people both here, and stateside, who have invested in us as a family. It’s made me want to pray that while the time and place of our next few months are unknown, there are people to be loved, to be known, to be relating to along the way. And those moments around tables, on sofas, chatting while watching children play, are of lasting value.

Life for us is currently swinging from one emotional extreme to another, but threaded through the varying undulations of it all are relationships – often anchored in a shared faith.


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