‘I’m bashing, Mummy’


Today, that phrase – ‘I’m bashing, Mummy’ – was said in the perfect context.

Rufus was ‘bashing’ a drum as hard as he could at the local children’s museum. ‘Children’s Museum’ doesn’t do the place justice – there’s nothing fusty or static about this interactive brilliance just a couple of miles down the road from where we live.

Jonathan is away for a long stretch at the moment. We’re just over half way through his ten day trip to England, and for some reason Rufus has felt the need to ‘bash’ more than ever before. Maybe it’s the absence of a wrestle/tickle/football playing partner that means he’s got excess energy, or I wonder if  he doesn’t know what to with the emotion that comes with missing his Dad.

So he’s been ‘bashing’ his way through the week with his plastic hammer in hand and the constant search for something to fix or bash, or simply throw from one end of the room to the other. Fortunately, we have a very large soft sofa that serves him well and a ride-on digger that can always do with being knocked into shape.

In some ways, we’ve all been ‘bashing’ our way through this time when we’re on opposite sides of the Atlantic and gradually getting more and more tired as we go about the busy-ness of life, whether that be books or boys.

I tend to fill the days with people, activities and outings. I always overdo it, and I’m always exhausted by it, but it’s a momentum that pushes through,  even when I feel like I might otherwise crumple in a corner. ‘Bashing’ through.

When anticipating this stint of solo parenting, I was anxious that I didn’t have the energy to create that momentum of people and activity. It feels like reserves are running low after a fast-paced three months over here. But the wonderful, prayer-answering reality of this last week has been that other people have been creating the momentum for me. We’ve been looked after so well by kind, thoughtful and serving friends. Friends who have cooked meals, spent time, played, suggested outings, taken the boys and made last minute plans to give me company and conversation.

We’ve still got four days to go, but I’m so thankful for the ways in which God has looked after us, through various people, so that we’re in better shape than we might be for these last ‘bashing’ days.



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