Superheroes, Sparklers and Solutions

A kind friend lent us a bag of dressing up clothes this week, and we have fully embraced the capes and masks. While Rufus loves to don the costume, he has little idea of what superheroes do – having never really encountered one – and so it’s been more about train-playing or digger-riding than crusades or day-saving. But all done with an ever-changing mix and match of heroic items. Not always that practical as the cape gets caught in the wheels or the sight-obstructing mask means the little brother’s destructive move towards the train track was spotted too late. Sweetly, having recently got very involved in the account of Jesus’ stopping the storm, it’s often on a boat with a storm approaching that the ‘Rufus heroes’ come into their own.

As well as super, bat and iron men, Bob the Builder has featured frequently, complete with helmet, hammer and the need to fix or bash everything in sight. Modelling himself on anyone who he’s seen use tools, it’s quite a convincing patter that goes with the noisy hitting and twiddling, lots of ‘broke’ and ‘fix it’ and ‘working now’. And, of course, that brilliantly positive ‘Bob’ phrase ‘Can we fix it? Yes, we can.’



We have been in the States for just over three months, and in many ways are feeling very at home and convincingly American, as we enjoy Chick-fil-A, peanut butter and iced water.

We pressed pause on our American life this week and celebrated Bonfire Night in true British style – English accents were rife, sparklers were plentiful and we stood around a big fire in our garden with the rain steadily falling. We loved it. And enjoyed feeling defiantly English I think!

It’s a strange time as our Christmas return to England emerges on the horizon, and we wonder whether we can ‘fix it’ so that we’re able to continue making our home here or whether we’ll be embracing the British drizzle on a more daily basis. If only it were as easy as Rufus’ enthusiastic and heroic ‘fixing’.

Sometimes I wish it could all be ‘fixed’ with just the click of a superhero’s fingers. But then I remember that our good and faithful God is working things out in His timing for our best – a best that is better and  more fruitful than anything I can imagine. Even if it doesn’t quite look like I would have imagined. So we pray, we work hard to put in the best visa application we can and we trust that He’s got us whatever happens.

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