Pointing and Building

The expressive point and various pitched grunts characterise communication with Billy at the moment. Intrigue, desire or simply commentary all come with that finger.

Whatever the reason, my gaze follows the instruction, and I find myself noticing things that otherwise would not have caught my attention. Admittedly, it is often vehicles and insects that are the focus of the attention, but I’m enjoying an observant little man who is keen to communicate.

Nehemiah was a leader during Old Testament times who – by God’s grace – galvanised the Jews to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem after it had been destroyed. We’ve been studying his narrative in a women’s bible study I go to, and I’m beginning to think he was a pointer as well. Not so bothered with vans or beetles, but with God’s purposes.

Amidst the seemingly hopeless scene of a ruined Jerusalem, he is absolutely convinced that God is not only still at work, but is with His people and bringing about His purposes. He rides all the way from Persia to Judah to persuade the remnant of the Jewish people and kickstart a temple re-building project.

How could one man motivate a crowd of despondent people? 2v18 has the answer as Nehemiah points to the ‘the hand of my God’ that has brought him here, has orchestrated everything to make it possible and continues to be upon Nehemiah and the temple plan.

He’s pointing out that God’s plan is still rolling – and he’s serving as a pointer to us too. God’s plan is still unfolding, and we can be all the more sure as those who are this side of the cross. The promises made to Nehemiah, and those before and after him, are a big, beautiful yes in Jesus. God is with us, and He’s busy building beautiful and eternal things amongst His people.

Diggers, trains, aeroplanes and even stink bugs grab my boys’ attention. Maybe Nehemiah is directing my gaze in other ways.

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