English Eyes

Yes to English voices in the house!


My parents have come to stay for a couple of weeks, and it’s wonderful to see them. It feels like an age since our week in Devon with them back in June, but it also feels like we saw them yesterday. The joy of granny cuddles, grandpa games and all the chat in between.

Hosting having only been here a few weeks is making me realise that I know more than I thought. But my blank responses to my Dad’s what/when/why questions remind me – and them – that I’m ill-equipped to be a tour guide.

Along with the English voices come English eyes that remind me of what it was like when we first arrived. As my parents observe the differences, I’m surprised how many of them have been assimilated into my ‘normal’. Why wouldn’t you turn right on a red light, look for the restroom rather than the loo and expect a cookie, rather than a biscuit, with your cup of tea?

Amidst thankfulness for my family, and the renewed relationships, I’m enjoying that this American life is our current ‘normal’.



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