Yesterday brought a big lorry and many, many boxes of our ‘stuff’.

Wonderfully, our things from England have arrived, and suddenly the house is beginning to feel like home. I think Leyland and Naperville are merging into one for Rufus as he gets his head around these ‘Leyland things’ being here in ‘Merica’.


While these boxes totter and tilt around our doorway, there are many more huddled behind our bins. Boxes that were full of things that we strangely haven’t missed as much as we thought we would. We are so grateful that it’s all arrived in a swift six weeks, and so thankful for the riches of possessions – especially different clothes, fresh toys and a wealth of kitchen equipment. But being without our clobber has reminded us that these things are a luxury rather than a necessity. Luxuries that have been longed for in particular moments, but not needed to make life work.

Having said that, we are rejoicing in the comfort of our own bed, the pleasure of sitting in an armchair, the plethora of pans to choose from and a sit-on digger to ride.



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