Fearless Tents

‘Billy, come into mys house. Come on, Billy.’

Rufus has gained a house in the last week, and he is delighted. Some kind friends have given us a tent, and it is currently taking up a substantial space in our living room. It’s also bringing a lot of joy as hide and seek, cooking and brother-wrestling are conducted within its walls. It is most definitely ‘mys house’. It was a distraught moment when he walked in to find that the tent had been collapsed into a corner… ‘Oh no! Mys house!’


A friend and I have been spending Friday nap times reading Micah in the Bible together. Despite the prophet speaking to God’s people centuries ago, our 21st century hearts are enjoying dwelling and feeding on his relevant and faith-growing words.

Prophecy comes with peaks and troughs – judgement but also hope. As sin is exposed – in this case injustice and corruption that terrorises the vulnerable and weak – judgement is deserved. But for those who listen to God, who walk in His ways, who trust Him over and above anything or anyone else, there is hope. Certain and glorious hope through a rescue. A rescue from God himself.

It was chapter four this week and the promise of rescue and redemption came with a beautiful picture of permanent peace:

‘…but they shall sit every man under his vine and his fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid, for the mouth of the Lord of hosts has spoken.’ (Micah 4v4)

I love the image of the people being under their vines and fig trees – or maybe in their tents – without fear. No one is able to make them afraid. Why are they so secure? ‘For the mouth of the Lord of hosts has spoken’.

God’s word stands. It makes things happen. It brings life. And it brings this fear-free and peaceful eternity.

As the word stands, so we need to stand on it. In my current uncertainties and shifting contexts, I love God’s definite, unchanging word. My friend – who has also moved continents in the last month – and I are praying that we would be able to stand on it, to trust it, to love it more and more.

The great big tent is in my line of sight right now. Maybe it’ll help me remember Micah 4 and that glorious picture of permanent peace through God’s certain word.

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