Boys and Books

With a book-seller and an English teacher in the house, Rufus and Billy have no choice but to embrace books and reading. It’s a part of our everyday, and I’m so thankful Rufus seems to love a good story. At the moment, Billy is more keen on shutting the book and carrying it around but I’m hopeful he’ll see that the beauty is on the inside soon!

While we await the bulk of our stuff that is being shipped from England, we’ve got a select but pleasing array of books that have been read numerous times since we packed up in July. Rufus is currently in a phase where he gets to the end of the book and immediately says ‘again’, so some have had countless readings.

I thought I’d share some of our favourites, in case anyone was needing inspiration but also just because I think these books are brilliant.

On The Night Of The Shooting Star by Amy Hest and Jenni Desmond

This has been a firm favourite for months. It takes a shooting star for bunny and dog, who live next door to each other, to become friends. Beautiful illustrations with brilliant detail, and a quirky, almost poignant, tale to go with them.

Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

The Donaldson/Scheffler partnership has produced many brilliant and funny stories. This is no exception. It’s books within books as we are taken from one book’s tale to another, as each one finishes with the protagonist grabbing some reading matter. Clever idea, wittily delivered and with amazing detail in the illustrations that will make every parent chuckle.

The Fox And The Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith

The most beautifully presented children’s book I’ve come across. And it’s not just pretty – it’s a powerful and pleasing story as well. The fox and the star do everything together, but then the fox loses the star, and we watch him journeying through the forest in search of his floodlighting friend. Creative use of colour and print to accompany the story make this a joy to read.

Oi Frog! by Kes Gray and Jim Field

One big extended dance around cats sitting on mats and frogs sitting on logs, and it’s brilliantly funny. The authoritative cat (obviously on a mat) instructs the frog – and us – as to where he can sit, and why he can’t sit anywhere else. Great illustrations and a witty punchline at the end. This book makes us giggle.



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