‘No…I’m a big boy’


The answer to every question that suggests Rufus is anything other than ‘a big boy’. This one was in response to being called a ‘little man’. Understandably, not that keen on the word ‘little’, and not sure that he wanted to be a man when being ‘a big boy’ is the thing that gets you far in life at the age of 2.

Big boys get to do Daddy-like things…jobs, help with the bbq and even the occasional cheeky second breakfast at Chick-Fil-A.

In Rufus’ mind, a ‘big boy’ follows Daddy (even to the loo!). I remember, when a few years older than Rufus, desperately wanting to be like a kind older girl who had taken an interest in me at school. I don’t think I followed her to the loo, but I probably wanted to!

Having a little copycat ‘big boy’ in the house means that our habits and faults are very evident as we watch him play them out. It’s really made us think about what we do, and say and how it will be followed.

As we’ve been reading Matthew’s account of Jesus’ life, it’s striking how desirable and attractive it is to be like Him. To follow Him.

  We’re praying that this ‘big boy’ of ours would follow Jesus, just like his Daddy seeks to.

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