Here Not Arriving

Moving involves a time of not being known. Or at least not known like before. Friendships have yet to develop and the rhythms of life have yet to be established.

It can feel like I’m still arriving because it’s still about introductions, correcting the pronunciation of my name and moving from first time chats to getting phone numbers for future meet ups.

But I wonder if in this ‘yet to arrive’ mentality, pride has slipped in and I’m thinking I’m a big deal. As if when people get to know me – when I’ve finally arrived – they’ll be delighted by who I am and what I can do.

That’s the thing about arrival. It’s an event. It’s something to applaud. It’s a change to the status quo.

And that’s not me.

We were reading Matthew’s account of Pilate’s trial of Jesus this morning. Pilate, as Ryle pointed out, wanted to be the big deal – he wanted to be liked, to please people, to do whatever it took to be applauded, including executing an innocent man.

While Pilate pleased the people and their sinful desires, Jesus served the same people through His death on the cross. Outrageously loving, and undeserved, serving of  a sinful people, that includes us.

I want to be like Jesus rather than Pilate.

I think that means not waiting to ‘arrive’ but being very much here and looking to serve. Looking to love, to befriend, to get stuck in. Approaching rather than waiting to be approached. Allowing myself to be known as I make every effort to get to know.

A moment of being ‘here’


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