Similar But Different


‘Mummy Billy cake’ was the whisper I heard through the gap in the door at 6.21am this morning. I looked over in a slight panic that I might see Rufus with Billy’s birthday cake around his mouth, but thankfully he was asking rather than doing!

But we did give in to the cake request and breakfast (at least 45 minutes later) consisted of cereal followed by a cupcake. Billy’s bemusement at being sung to over FaceTime, and in person, while staring at a candle rapidly gave way to a big grin when he saw that the cake was for eating.

A whole year with two little people. It’s busy, so we’re tired. But it’s joyful, so we’re smiling. And Billy is brilliant. A bundle of easy smiles, passionate emotions – especially in relation to food, fast-paced bum shuffling with one leg out and lots of cuddles.

As Billy has got older, people comment more and more on how he and Rufus look alike. Big eyes and a cheeky grin.

But I think that as he gets older, differences in their emerging personalities become clearer. Maybe some of it’s down to being the eldest or the youngest. At the moment, Billy is quick to jump in, emotional in response and ready to try different ways if the first doesn’t work. Rufus seems more laid back, a bit more measured in response and careful for himself, and his little brother.

When both boys were in the womb, I read psalm 139 countless times. I loved the assurance that God knew my baby – he had ‘knitted’ them together – and that they were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.

My wonder at new life has exponentially exploded as I watch Rufus and Billy grow up. I love that in their differences, and their similarities, they were ‘intricately woven’ by the same loving, knowing God. I pray that their souls would know Him intimately as the years go by.

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