Daddy Book

Each evening before bed, Jonathan and Rufus (and Billy if he can sit still long enough!) are in the habit of reading the ‘Daddy Book’ together. It’s a book that isn’t read with Mummy, only Daddy, and it’s time together listening and talking about what they’ve read.

At the moment, the book is ‘Everything A Child Should Know About God’ – a beautifully illustrated book that gathers Bible truths and makes them accessible to 3ish-6ish year olds. (

The habit came about because without it,  that input and the accompanying conversations might only happen with me. Not because we want it to be that way, but because without being intentional  those gospel moments, those brilliant questions, those later-on-over-breakfast conversations might just fall by the wayside.


So it’s part of the evening routine. I love listening to it in action, and watching the snuggles and giggles that come with it. It’s precious time. Both Rufus and Jonathan look forward to it. Sometimes even Billy sees that there’s something good going on if he can resist racing up and down the sofa!

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