Temporary Undercurrents

Home is beginning to take shape. Routes and words are becoming familiar. We’ve visited and been visited. 



But as we settle, there’s the unsettling undercurrent ducking in and out of our thoughts that our visa is currently only for six months. After six months, we can come and go but we can’t live here. We’re re-applying for a longer term one, but the unpredictability of the process means that there’s no guarantee. 

So we continue in our ongoing lesson of trusting God. Every time that unsettling feeling recurs, we try and bring it back to Him. Not just trusting Him to see through our plan, but trusting Him with ourselves. Trusting that in the midst of all of this and all that’s to come, He’ll be shaping us into Christ-like people who bring Him glory. 

Easy to write, harder to believe.

For both of us, the desire to succeed in the task (making 10ofthose work out here) can often overshadow the need to trust God’s bigger and better plan of making us more like Jesus amidst it all. 

Selling has begun in the garden…success just around the corner!

We’d love 10ofthose success to be a part of God’s plan, but pray that our hearts would long for Jesus things above all else. 


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