Grateful Hearts

Towards the end of each day, we talk with Rufus about what he’s most enjoyed that day. Depending on what has just happened – whether he’s eaten tea, laughed at Billy or helped Daddy with a job – that’s usually the thing which gets a mention. With some prompting, we get a few other things that have happened along the way. Having looked back, we thank God for all of these happenings and so much more. 

While teaching the boys thankfulness, I’ve been challenged about my own gratitude to God and have been trying to take a second look at all I’ve got, at all that surrounds me, at all I know with a grateful heart. 


…provision of a home, daily meals and running water.

…for peaceful wildlife-filled places to enjoy.

…family and love and laughter.

…for running-to-meet-me hugs having been away for a couple of hours.

…for freedom to meet with God’s people today and last week. 

…for new flavours and new names for dishes eaten with others. 

…for friends that dissipate loneliness. 

…conversation that begins to build bridges and reveal like-mindedness. 

…for technology that enables communication. 


My growing gratitude reel goes on and on.  

Rufus’ refrain to end all of his prayers is ‘Jesus is king’. He picked it up from a song we learnt, and wonderfully it punctuates every prayer. If we leave it out, he’ll add it in and it’s become a great reminder to us. He reminds us of that truth, but also that our thankfulness is not just for the things that God gives but for who He is and what He has done. 

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