Goodbyes (and a hello)


The hardest thing so far about moving here has been the goodbyes. Leaving people we love and knowing that the status quo in so many relationships will change. It’s not that we’re losing our friends, but the rhythm of those relationships has to shift.

It’s the time difference. It’s the loss of face-face contact. It’s the lack of meals shared and games played. It’s no longer expecting a familiar face to appear at the back door. It’s not having the ebb and flow of people coming through our house. It’s the boys being confronted with a bunch of new faces in their everyday lives.

We need to find a new rhythm.

It’s started already with a couple of early morning FaceTimes with people we love. It’s Rufus asking to ring people rather than expecting them to walk through the door. It’s planning to speak to people. It’s keeping people in the loop. It’s sharing life through various multimedia means.

I’m spouting the wisdom of others here. You can probably tell that I’ve struggled with leaving because I love my family, my friends, my relationships. I’m an ‘investor’ when it comes to people so I find it hard to say goodbye.

I’m sad – to the extent that my eyes seem to leak every now and then! But I’m beginning to see opportunities in the new rhythms.

And opportunities in new hellos.

The first came this morning with an answered prayer of a friendly person to sit next to at church. Emails exchanged and reassuringly normal conversation had. I came away smiling. And this is in addition to wonderful people getting in touch before we had even landed.

Praying on for sustaining and beginning relationships over these coming weeks and months.


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