But in the sunshine…

…you can almost forget for a moment that uncertainties are hanging over you!


The boys and I escaped to Newcastle this week to see my wonderful sister and her trio of gigglers. Fun times with sun, sand, fish (Blue Reef Aquarium one to be avoided!), chats, catch up and sharing life’s lie of the land as it stands for both of us right now. As well as a few tears at the goodbyes.

Who knew that you could be on an empty sandy beach at 9.30am in glorious sunshine within 20 minutes of Newcastle? So much joy in it that we did it two days in a row…the second time we remembered to bring enough spades for all potential castle-makers and so longer lasting happier times.

Adding three more children into the mix brings fun, laughter, love…and arguments. While the arguments aggravate, I love the opportunity they give for Rufus – and soon Billy – to learn how to ask nicely if they can have a go, to wait while the current user has ‘one more turn’ and to say thank you when they eventually get hold of it.

I always learn something about parenting as I watch my sister and brother-in-law juggling a just turned four year old and two and a half year old twins. One of the gems this time was persuading the children to ask one another ‘how can I help you enjoy your turn?’ rather than whining about it not being their turn yet. Admittedly, I didn’t hear anyone voluntarily say it but I think it’s just around the corner!

While the uncertainties of our current circumstances slightly overshadowed our time, they also made saying goodbye a little easier because we could almost pretend (through slightly leaky eyes) that we’d do all this again soon. Maybe we will. If the heatwave continues to reach the north-east, I’d happily drive up and over the Pennines all over again for a morning on that beach with some of my favourite people.


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