In the meantime…

We’re in Keswick.

Us, four giant suitcases, a whole lot of books to sell and a bookselling team…along with the rest of the Keswick convention. But not everyone or everything in our cottage, which Rufus has already started calling ‘our house’.

He’s expecting us to go ‘up high’ any minute – and asks almost every minute about it – but we’re here in beautiful, busy Keswick for three weeks.

The added dynamic in the drama of the last week has been Jonathan’s commute from Leyland to Keswick as he’s been setting up a mega bookshop to serve mega amounts of people over the next three weeks.

While he’s selling, I’m cooking for the team and the boys are enjoying that ‘our house’ is frequently full of people.

Full on…and survivable at the moment through cat naps on the sofa for both of us whenever the opportunity arises!

Cooking en masse and thankful for brilliant recipes like this one:



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